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Montana Speakers by PBN Audio

Audio Sound Systems with high-end components…
relentlessly engineered for truly lifelike performance


From the very beginning PBN Audio has been dedicated to creating high-end audio products for the discerning aficionado. Each speaker, amplifier and pre-amplifier is a meticulously engineered blending of art and science, where compromise has no consideration. In relentlessly pursuing this standard, Peter Bichel Noerbaek has accomplished what many considered unachievable: a seemingly effortless balance between electronic prowess and acoustic reality.

At the heart of each speaker and component lies the secret to PBN’s success. It can only be defined by one measure: What you actually hear – not what you’ve been told you heard, not what others claim they heard, and not what instruments measure. At PBN “Hearing Is Believing”. It’s just that impossibly simple. 





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