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Montana Speakers by PBN Audio

Audio Sound Systems with high-end components…
relentlessly engineered for truly lifelike performance



Connoisseurs of vinyl recordings appreciate the rich history of the medium, and savor the uniquely warm, lustrous sound the classic turntables can provide. The care and craft that went into these fine instruments helped define the golden age of vinyl.

PBN Audio, maker of the GrooveMaster, has employed their deep knowledge of that tradition and transformed five players from the classic Denon DP Series with highly advanced modern electronics. They have also developed two Vintage Direct Professional models based on studio-grade console units. They can be customized with different types of tone arms, even adding, at request, a second arm for both stereo and mono setup. This is a truly unique hybrid of past and present technologies, blended together for the pure love of music…and now performing at a whole new level of sonic brilliance.






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