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PBN EBSA3 Power Amplifier


With an engineering history tracing back through the EB-SA2 and the Olympia AX, this heavyweight establishes a new class in amplifying technology and an exciting benchmark in audiophile excellence.

The overpowering numbers (80 pounds of copper coil, a full Farrad of combined capacitance, 200W per stereo channel, 800W as a mono block) serve one primary purpose: achieving effortless control of your audio system’s microdynamics, with all the nuanced, hyper-refined responses that sculpt every sound with clarity and breath-taking realism. The precisely integrated network provides the right pulse of energy at each point of need. The entire system hovers with nearly unlimited power to breathe life into each note, every sound, no matter how delicate or subdued—or unleash the full potential of any rising crescendo. 

The EB-SA3 soundscape is unbelievably immaculate; there is no “noise,” only deep, pure, gorgeous sound. At PBN, hearing is always about believing.





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