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Montana Speakers by PBN Audio

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“SONIC SUBSTANCE.” The praise lauded on our Innerchoic Loudspeakers by Sound Stage’s critic Jeff Fritz is just the start. Reviewer after amazed reviewer cannot believe the audio presence and clarity of these next generation speakers “...the purest, most defined and extended sound that is currently available.” Ultimately it’s about audio purity, the holy grail of every speaker engineer. Pure, honest sound – liquid in its subtlety, exquisitely textured in its ability to shape every sonic detail without electronic noise or engineering distortion.

Each Innerchoic Series cabinet is built with a precision-cut series of layered, ultra-dense MDF Ranger BoardTM sections. A proprietary round-ribbed interior pattern functions literally as an internal anechoic chamber. That’s why we’ve named it an “innerchoic” design. It absorbs waffling, reflective sound waves while modulating a soundscape unheard until now. There are four models to choose from plus an innovative center channel speaker. If you have an opportunity to audition these speakers, don’t hesitate. Contact us, or your authorized dealer, for more information.