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Montana Speakers by PBN Audio

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M2 5PAIRhomepageThe M2!5 Speaker:
The Essence of “Thereness”

“…This was it. Simply, emphatically, this was the one. What is it that the best sound engineers seek? “Presence.” “Weight.” “Thereness.” Beyond a being-in-the-room sense of space, there is an extra dimension that emerges, capturing the uncaptureable: the electricity of a live performance where the performers embody the music, where it lives and breathes through them. The equipment and room setting fade into the background. You are no longer “playing” a “recording”. You are there.   

Of all the superb systems Peter Noerbaek has developed over decades of intensely focused creativity, this is the one he now points to as the defining benchmark. This is the ultimate hi-res system that delivers the deep range, immediate responsiveness and unprecedented capacity to define micro-detail, however subtle or fleeting — that pushes back the “Noerbaek envelope” even further. 

If you are ever afforded an opportunity to audition the M2!5 in performance, do not pass it up.





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