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Ultra Audio's reviewer described the Mini-Olympia as delivering sound quality that is "…astonishingly vivid, full and gorgeous." The reviewer went on to say: "The Mini-Olympia is a small brute of an amp." He was referring to the fact that Noerbaek packed a lot of amp into a modest-sized, extremely versatile, two-channel amplifier. If you want to enjoy a deeper listening pleasure, the PBN family of components is the one to use and the Mini-Olympia Amplifier is the component to start with. It delivers 160 watts of clean power into an eight Ohm load per channel, which almost doubles into four Ohms. Ultra-Audio's reviewer ended his article by saying: "In terms of pure clarity, I've heard nothing better."


• Two-Channel All-FET circuit design utilizing a 1500VA transformer

• 200,000 uF power supply capacitance

• 160 watts of clean power @ eight Ohm load per channel

• High-quality onboard regulators in voltage gain section

• Output stage features: eight pairs of closely matched output devices per channel

• Inputs: Balanced, RCA and 75 Ohm BNC. Outputs: two sets of WBT™ binding posts per channel

• Amplifier can be bridged into “Differential Mode” to supply close to 600 Watts into an eight Ohm load

• Requires a fully differential pre-amplifier if used as a mono-block

• High-quality 20 Amp power cord included

• Size: 19 W x 8.25” H x 15” D

• Weight: 80 pounds














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