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The PBN-DP2 is based on the Denon DP2000. This is the second model of the series, and is complete with custom refinements in both engineering and artistry. A key advantage over the DP3: greater speed stability, and precision electronic braking when stopping play or during speed changeovers. The DP2 features the amazingly accurate AC servo motor that operates at 99.998% accurate speed – plus Servo-controlled Direct Drive. The turntable comes complete with a Jelco SA750 (B) tone arm. The DP Series are nearly “plug-and-play” ready, with only minor hook-ups required. Though incorporating vintage parts, the GrooveMaster Vintage Direct players are rebuilt from the ground up and should perform brilliantly for decades to come. We welcome all inquiries. 

PBN DP2 profile


Drive system: Direct drive by AC servo motor
Speed control: Frequency detection servo motor phase locked to a quartz crystal oscillator, achieving 99.998% accurate speed
Speed: 33.33 and 45rpm
Speed selection: pushbutton switch with LED indication
Wow and flutter: Less than 0.015% WRMS
S/N ratio: Over 75dB (DIN-B rated)
Starting time: Less than 1.5 seconds
Speed deviation: less than 0.002%
Turntable platter: Aluminum alloy diecast, 30cm diameter 


The PBN-DP Series can be fitted with a variety of tone arms at request. Shown is the DP2 with the highly rated Graham Phantom B44 tone arm.

PBN DP2 greenLP




The form-aged solid hardwood plinths are custom-made from individually selected planks. The three precision-cut layers are glued together so the grain of each is angled at 120 degrees, providing resonance-free stability as well as spectacular grain patterns. We work with a variety of woods including cherry, maple, walnut and oak. The deep, liquid finishes use only state-of-the-art materials. Each plinth is a unique work of art in itself.

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