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This is the most advanced DP model using the basic Denon motor. Based on the Denon DP600, the PBN-DP6 comes with a larger and heavier platter, giving it outstanding stability and performance. The 10-inch Jelco SA750E (B) tone arm completes the package. The DP6 is perfectly balanced on three heavy-duty steel spike feet, ensuring the sound you hear is pure, effortless and expressive of every aural gesture. The drop-down cap hold LPs in tight synchrony with the turntable to eliminate any wobbling. Each plinth is custom-built to your preference. We provide phone or email support for the easy set-up. The DP6 is a marvel of blended technologies – and a delight to both the eye and ear of all who experience it.

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99.998% Accurate Speed; Phase Controlled by Quartz Oscillation: The rotating speed is highly stabilized by a timing clock based on a quartz crystal oscillation which is very stable against changes of temperature or time. By the use of Phase-locked loop method, the speed is hardly affected by load or supply voltage fluctuation.

DC Electrical Brake for Smoother Operation: Up-speeding servo function and a DC electrical brake are commanded in accordance with the speed detection data. The result is smoother operation in speed changeover, in starting or in stopping as well as during play.

Magnetic Recording for Speed Detection: Denon established its original motor control system using magnetic recording method for speed and phase detection. 1000 pulses recorded with a high accuracy allow a high detecting frequency to expel phase lagging of the servo system accordingly over-shoot, wow and flutter therein.

Improved S/N, Wow and Flutter Performance by an AC Motor: With the introduction of pulse width modulation for motor regulation, a cleaner driving current can be applied to the motor. This improves S/N, wow and flutter performance. This method has also reduced power consumption.


Speeds: 33.33 and 45rpm

Platter: 1.8kg die-cast aluminum, 312mm dia.

Speed adjustable range: more than +-6% via dial on control panel

Wow and flutter: 0.015% WRMS

Speed deviation: less than 0.002%

Signal to noise ratio: 77dB or more

Brake: DC electrical brake

Motor: AC servo motor

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The form-aged solid hardwood plinths are custom-made from individually selected planks. The three precision-cut layers are glued together so the grain of each is angled at 120 degrees, providing resonance-free stability as well as spectacular grain patterns. We work with a variety of woods including cherry, maple, walnut and oak. The deep, liquid finishes use only state-of-the-art materials. Each plinth is a unique work of art in itself.

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