PBN DP80. 8332

DP80 GrooveMaster Vintage Direct Professional

The PBN-DN80 is a more compact companion to the PBN-DN308. It boasts the same extraordinary prowess and refined electronics. Both models are fully recalibrated to all the original specifications. The motor and platter are from the original, as are some of the console elements.  The custom-finished chassis allows you to select your own hardwood veneer or other finish. Everything is tested and retested for peak performance. Each of these superb turntables has its own unique history, and we share that when we have good information. We invite you to call and add your name to our waiting list.


DP80 top 8339Specifications PBN-DP80 

Speeds 33.333 and 45.000rpm @ 0.002%

Bi-directional Servo Speed Control System 

2” Ball Bearing Vibration Control Footers

Up to 2 10” tonearms can be mounted

Dimensions: 19.25” W x 15.25” D by 7.75” H (to top of platter)

Weight: Approx. 55 Lbs.


DP80frnt 8329





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