Compact Reference


Compact Reference


Welcome to the "Super League" of High-End Speakers. At approximately a third the total physical scale of its celebrated namesake, the Master Reference, the Compact Reference is a more than worthy addition to PBN's peerless series of "uber-speakers." The Compact Reference features two 10-inch woofers, two 5.25-inch mid-range drivers and a 1.125" hexadyme tweeter – producing a full-realized, consummately sculpted, dimensionally balanced sound rarely achieved even in much larger speakers.

Each cabinet is built from the ground up out of select hardwoods and ultra-dense MDF board, precision cut and assembled by hand for a rock-solid acoustic soundstage. Internal partitions and brackets are honey-combed for optimal air flow and a truly sonorous clarity. 

Whatever the considerations that lead you to select the Compact Reference, be confident it will always stand tall, delivering the same pristine realism and range of immaculately detailed sound you will find in the rest of the "Super League."


• Precision-made cabinet with a faceplate of 2.25 in. solid maple hardwood. Highly¬†engineered inner chambers designed to produce the most accurate measurable audio reproduction in the world

• Twin 10 in. Peerless woofers with a .75 in. throw matched to internal enclosures for producing accurate mid-bass

• Dual 5.25 in. neutrally-transparent, low-distortion mid-range drivers with Nextel-coated paper cones and a Hexadym Magnet System assuring low coloration in the mid-range

• A 1.125 in. high-end, high-efficiency, wide dispersion fabric-dome tweeter. Features a generously under-hung voice coil with a lead-out wire for low distortion and maximum breathing capacity

• Comes complete with PBN's proprietary 24db per octave acoustical Linkwitz-Riley crossover slopes. Plus, there are also seven precision hand-wound inductors¬†

• Two Jensen Coherent Audio Teflon film copper foil ultra-grade capacitors


• Dimensions 54"H x 16"W x 18"D

• Weight: 000 lbs

• Finish: Custom order (Finishes Charts)