ScanSpeak B1371

The Newest Build-It-Yourself Speaker Kit From PBN Audio

This latest in the coveted line of speaker kits from PBN Audio is already making waves within the audiophile community – and rightly so. Featuring three superlative drivers from ScanSpeak, an international leader in the realm of high-end sound systems, these elegantly simple and lustrously gorgeous speakers define the most basic premise of stereophonic excellence: It’s all about what you hear. PBN Audio has devoted decades of engineering prowess to designing systems that completely serve the music. The B1371 delivers on that promise, with highly attractive pricing. Everything is included, along with full instructions and tech support. 

B1371 speaker pair


B1371 Drivers Crossovers


B1371 Specs


B1371 schematics


Scanspeak Drawings B1371