Groovemaster Vintage Direct


Connoisseurs of vinyl recordings appreciate the rich history of the medium, and savor the uniquely warm, lustrous sound the classic turntables can provide. The care and craft that went into these fine instruments helped define the golden age of vinyl.

PBN Audio, maker of the original GrooveMaster, has employed their deep knowledge of that tradition and transformed the classic Denon DP Series with highly advanced modern electronics. The magic of the DP line was in its amazingly accurate RPM – revolutions per minute. The turntable, though, was mounted on a metal base that carried a discernable ringing tone. PBN has dilligently recovered and painstakingly restored the Direct Drive platforms and motors from these highly desired players and used them as the foundation for the GrooveMaster Vintage Direct Series, adding hand-finished hardwood plinths, three steel spiked feet to eliminate vibration, advanced electrolytic capacitors and other sophisticated electronics.

All GrooveMaster Vintage Direct models are created using only the most reliable, proven elements – and should provide 40 years or more of trouble-free service. They can be customized with different types of tonearms, even adding, at request, a second arm for both stereo and mono setup. This is a truly unique hybrid of past and present technologies, blended together for the pure love of music…and now performing at a whole new level of sonic brilliance.

  • DP-3
  • DP-2
  • DP-6
  • DP-7
  • DP-8

Woods and Finishes


The form-aged solid hardwood plinths are custom-made from individually selected planks. The three precision-cut layers are glued together so the grain of each is angled at 120 degrees, providing resonance-free stability as well as spectacular grain patterns. We work with a variety of woods including cherry, maple, walnut and oak. The deep, liquid finishes use only state-of-the-art materials. Each plinth is a unique work of art in itself. Click Here to Learn More