The M! Series is a Triumph of Technology…Plus a Little Magic

PBN Astounds Critics with a Speaker that Captures the Essence of “Thereness”

Following the introduction of the hugely successful M2!5, PBN has developed a complete series of speakers incorporating the same innovative design and standards of excellence. The full 30-year-plus experience of Peter Noerbaek and PBN Audio is showcased in its breathtakingly real performance and deep aural conviction. It has been justifiably described as possessing the essence of “thereness”… that seemingly magical capacity to create a visceral sense of presence that, even for some professional reviewers, sends a chill down the back.

This is now a family of six speakers, beginning in size with the 44” tall M0!5 with twin 8” woofers, designed for small venues or as surround speakers. Or, step up to the M1!5, boasting 12” woofers. Next in line: the original M2!5 sensation or its companion M2!5s, with dual classic 15” woofers wedded perfectly with mid-range tweeter compression horn drivers. Consider the more robust M3!5 with 18” woofers, midrange drivers, and a unique ribbon tweeter. Completing the line is the seven-foot Master Reference hybrid MR!777 with two superlative 18” woofers, one of the most dominating speakers we have ever created.

The M! Series – now with a full selection of models giving you a perfect choice for your listening environment. If you are ever afforded an opportunity to audition one of the M! Series in performance, do not pass it up.