M3!5 Loudspeaker

The M3!5

Breaking through the barriers to Hyper-Fidelity

The M3!5 has pushed the envelope of audio hyper-fidelity back even further—expanding the M!Series to a suite of three models that together showcase the complete range of PBN excellence in sound design.

The M3!5 features a 18-inch woofer (2245H) designed by a master engineer who has collaborated closely with Noerbaek on several advanced projects. This dynamic woofer is the foundation of the speaker, and is complemented by the 2206H midrange driver and the exquisite SA8535 ribbon tweeter. This is the flagship of the M!5 Series — weighing in at 345 lbs per speaker and standing four-and-a-half feet in height (before the optional spike feet are added), it has the power to own any room dedicated to a full audio experience.


Frequency Response 25Hz to 35kHz
Impedance nominal 8 Ohms
(min 4.75 Ohms at 350Hz max 32 Ohms at 4500Hz)
Sensitivity 92.5dB/2.83V/1M

Driver Complement

HF = 6” Ribbon Driver model SA8535
MF = 12” Paper Cone Driver model 2206H
LF = 18″ Paper Cone Driver model 2245H
Crossover Frequencies 200Hz and 1300 Hz Steep Slope


Size 21” W” x 27″D x 54”H
Weight 345 lbs.