The MR!777 Loudspeaker

The MR!777 loudspeaker merges two advanced PBN designs in one amazing hybrid. It takes the scale, basic configuration and formidable prowess of the Super League’s Master Reference. The M! Series contributes its uncanny balancing of superb drivers. And the triple seven? Noerbaek isn’t giving away secrets, but “perfection cubed” wouldn’t be a bad guess. Add in custom-matched Bass Towers and EB-SA3 Amplifiers and you have an unrivaled system.

Originating as a custom order, this latest PBN creation exemplifies the tireless impulse to continually push the envelope of acoustic performance ever further – but with the proven engineering of PBN Audio’s quarter-century of audio excellence.


  • Freq. Range: 20Hz to 20kHz +/-1dB
  • Crossover Frequencies: 200Hz-1200Hz (8th.LKRY electro/acoustic)
  • (200Hz LKRY-HP. 1100Hz 6th BTW LP electro/acoustic)
  • Sensitivity: 95db/2.83V/1M
  • Impedance: Nominal 4 ohms (min 2.5
  • Ohms @ 290Hz Max 30 Ohms at 3kHz)
  • Driver Complement:
  • LF 2 x 18” woofers
  • MF 2 x 12” mid-range
  • HF 1 x 6” Ribbon Driver
  • Weight: 490 Lbs
  • Dimensions: 81”H x 26″W x 27.5”D