MR!X Loudspeaker

MR!X Loudspeaker

Peter Noerbaek of PBN Audio possesses a unique gift for conjuring alchemist’s magic by merging classic vintage components with the best contemporary parts, and seamlessly integrating them with astonishingly lifelike results. The MR!X is the latest accomplishment to emerge from the shop where “to hear is to believe.” PBN had coupled the incredibly precise yet powerful 2360 Bi‐Radial Horn with a highly‐rated compression driver, complemented by a superb 18” woofer that provides weight and foundation to the horn’s highly precise, clear articulation. The sensitivity is an a stonishingly high 98dB, @ one Watt @ one meter!

The asymmetrical hexagonal cabinets, mirrored left to right, hold a full six cubic feet each of tightly designed and engineered sound stage, supported by a professional loudspeaker system and built‐in amplifier. This speaker is as unique in its sound as it is in appearance—undefinable yet clear as a tuning fork. The MR!X—yet another engineering marvel from PBN Audio.


  • 2360 Bi‐Radial Horn
  • 2452 SL‐H Compression Driver with Aquaplas Coated Diaphragm
  • 18” 2268‐H Woofer Driver mounted in 6 cubic ft. enclosure tuned to 35 Hz
  • Precision‐Programed Electronic Speaker Management System set to 525 Hz crossover point
  • 98dB sensitivity @1 Watt @ 1 meter
  • Dimensions: 60”H x 31”W x 35”D
  • Weight: 260 lbs ea.
  • MSRP: $55,000 for pair (shipping additional)

A profile view of the MR!X shows the depth of the bi‐radial horn and compression driver. It is securely attached to the cabinet with a solid steel brace bolted to the cabinet top and sprayed with Linex truck‐bed liner for stability. Note the built‐in amplifier on this right‐side speaker, mirroring the cabinet on the left side.

(Above left) PBN Audio has earned an international reputation for the original design and engineering of their speaker cabinets. The 18” woofer is locked in place with four rock‐solid braces that “breathe” through large ports, generating depth and expansivness of sound.

The built‐in amplifiers, custom‐engineered to maximize the prowess of the horn and woofer driver, are integral to the creation of that unmistakable PBN soundscape that can convert true believers within mere seconds.