Original Groovemaster


The revival of the LP vinyl record has inspired rethinking the traditional turntable. Through the many attempts, audiophile turntables either lack eye appeal or, if beautifully styled, fail the musical fidelity mark. The GrooveMaster represents a new paradigm in turntable design. At last a contemporary vinyl record player looks as good as the sound it delivers.

“There is some indefinably pleasing quality about vinyl that CDs can’t quite measure up to,” Noerbaek explains. “It’s the warmth … the faint tracking one hears … and, above all, that extra timbre that lends depth to the audio.”

After years of intensive R&D, Noerbaek was able to perfect all the attributes of his GrooveMaster. Its two-motor counter- balanced dual drive renders absolute 33.333rpm. Four belts are employed for maximum traction. The solid wood base is honed from three laminated layers of select hardwoods. Lastly, the legendary SME™ 312 twelve-inch audiophile tone arm is installed.There is also a secret detail — the tone arm support. For this Noerbaek used a similar principle found exclusively in the world’s finest violins. “The bridge that braces the strings is what gives million-dollar violins their astounding musical depth. I use equally rare woods for the tone arm support.”

Nothing has been spared. Noerbaek explains it this way: “You simply can’t take shortcuts if you truly want to deliver the finest audio quality. PBN is about doing it right, all the time … not just some of the time!”

Technical Features

  • Two-motor dual-drive counter-balanced system
  • Precision-balanced 17 lb. stainless steel flywheel
  • Solid stainless steel progressive-traction belt guide
  • Belt guide accommodates four belts for superior performance
  • Platter rotates at an absolute 33.333rpm
  • Computer-controlled synchronized drive station to eliminate any variability and assure absolute frequency stability
  • Wood base is honed from three laminated layers of select planks of kiln-dried maple, walnut, rosewood or other fine hardwoods
  • Stainless steel accents and precise three-point risers in protective coasters
  • Platter is precisely honed from a solid block of high-grade iridescent or translucent acrylic
  • Turntable is supplied with the legendary SME™312 twelve-inch Precision Transcription Arm fitted with a subsonic lateral-mode fluid damper that can be instantly adjusted
  • Precision-machined hardwood arm support can be likened to an exquisite violin bridge. The near-perfect tonal quality is the direct result of the superior material that is used.
  • Cartridge is extra and at customer’s request

Available in select hardwoods