GrooveMaster Vintage Direct P10 Professional

GrooveMaster Vintage Direct
P10 Professional

The PBN P10 joins the P3 as the latest additions to PBN’s Vintage Direct line of premier turntables. The P10 takes its name from Pioneer’s Exclusive P10, first released in early 80’s. As with the rest of PBN’s growing family of hybrid turntables, the P10 restores and improves on the excellence of these era‐defining players. PBN Audio’s 30‐plus years of mastering the perfect blend of audio science and art integrates the player’s flawlessly engineered features, still fully functional decades later, with contemporary electronics and cabinetry.

These meticulously refurbished and redesigned players feature Pioneer’s Direct Drive SHR system and EM‐03 motor, providing the highest possible level of RPM precision at 33.000 and 45.000.

With a signal‐to‐noise ratio of 95dB, the original P10 rivals the best turntables in its class. A dedicated counterweight keeps the centrifugal pull of the platter’s rotation perfectly compensated in the motor’s timing.

PBN’s near‐magical skills breathe new life into your classic LP and 45 RPM recordings—recovering, and even enhancing, the full audio experience. PBN’s signature‐grade cabinetry, with choice of custom liquid‐finish hardwood veneer or piano‐gloss in a color of your choice, creates the perfect housing with attention to the details with every order.

Technical Features

  • Speeds of 33.333 and 45.000rpm @0.002%
  • Original EM‐03 motor
  • Direct Drive SHR System
  • Up to 2 each 12” tonearms can be mounted

Additional specs will be posted as available

There is a selection of tone arms available, and each player is built with the option of a second one. At bottom: A detail showing the custom finish of PBN cabinets. Each is a unique work of woodworking art, made to order.