GrooveMaster Vintage Direct P3 Professional

GrooveMaster Vintage Direct
P3 Professional

PBN Audio is proud to introduce a new line in the GrooveMaster Vintage Direct series, the P3 Professional and P10. The P3 eclipsed its rivals in the rigorous testing undertaken by the Stereo Sound experts in 1980. It ultimately proved to be the most successful high‐end turntable in Japan’s highly competitive electronics industry.

With the precisely engineered EM‐03 motor, Direct Drive Stable Hanging Rotor (SHR) system, and triple insulation, this marvel of classic turntable design has earned its place among the best turntables ever produced for the discriminating vinyl market.

This beautifully crafted GrooveMaster hybrid combines both classic engineering and the best of current, innovative technologies. PBN’s near‐magical skills breathe new life into your classic LP and 45 RPM recordings—recovering, and even enhancing, the full audio experience. PBN’s signature‐grade cabinetry, with choice of custom hardwood with liquid‐finish or piano‐gloss in a color of your choice, creates the perfect housing.

As with the DN308, tracking and down and acquiring the original Pioneer players is a challenge, and we carefully follow through with attention to the details with every order.

Technical Features

  • Speeds 33.333 and 45.000rpm @0.002%
  • EM‐03 motor
  • Direct Drive Stable Hanging Rotor (SHR) System
  • Up to 2 each 12” tonearms can be mounted
  • Signal‐to‐noise ratio of 95dB

Other features will be posted as available

There is a selection of tone arms available, and each player is built with the option of a second one. Note the ball bearing suspended by a thin wire. This is a counterweight to the centrifugal force of the rotating platter. To right: A detail showing the custom finish of PBN cabinets. Each is a unique work of woodworking art, made to order.