Personic Speakers


A big sound with a compact footprint – and every inch a PBN speaker

PBN offers three versatile speakers having a smaller footprint but generating the same nuanced, dimensional sound that is the hallmark of the full Montana line. The Lucille Front Channel Speakers (named in honor of B.B. King’s famous guitar) stand splendidly on their own in basic two-channel set-ups with “A-List” performance. In more spacious venues, they can be used as rear channel speakers in combination with our Super League Series with excellent results.

The M2 and Mini-Monitor Speakers are scaled to comfortably sit on bookshelves or be tucked into nooks and corners on stands. Their electronic phasing allows for great flexibility in their placement. They perform effortlessly as two-channel speakers in a small-to-midsize space, and are ideal for rear-channel speakers in a dedicated 5.1 or 7.1 system.