Self-Assemble Speaker Kits


Build them yourself, or we’ll build them for you – True audiophile quality at amazing prices

Build your own high-end speaker system and save. These speakers won’t sound any different from familiar famous name speakers sold at four to five times the cost. Our easy-to-build kits are complete with instructions, schematic drawings, and the finished cabinet awaiting your easy installation, plus all the drivers, crossover electronics and hook-up terminals… everything needed to create audiophile-quality speakers. Or, if you wish, we will assemble them for you and ship them complete and ready to play.

  • B-1371
  • B-741
  • Xmax
  • SBA951-Audio
  • CX-871

All SB Acoustic, Seas and ScanSpeak kits are sold by Madisound at

  • Alexender
  • Dayton-Xenia
  • Dayton-Audio

All Dayton Audio kits are available from Parts Express with your own Bill of Material at