Studio Reference Series

Vividly Detailed Sound…With a Gorgeously Retro Look

The hunger music aficionados have for pure, expansive, deeply nuanced sound is a desire difficult to satisfy. Peter Bichel Noerbaek has invested a lifetime pursuing that goal, with amazing success. But for Peter, the envelope can always be pushed. Continually searching for the perfect marriage of technology and craftsmanship, he has mastered the art of blending the legendary engineering accomplishments of past generations with the newest advancements in audio design. It is a creative process, attempted only by those individuals with both the passion and the deep knowledge necessary to succeed.

The Studio Reference Series is the latest advancement in PBN’s long and rightly celebrated catalog of speakers, turntables, amplifiers, and pre-amplifiers. Two models make up this distinctive lineup. The Studio Reference 14 (with 14 inch bass drivers) and the Studio Reference 10 (with 10 inch woofers), share a common origin: pairing highest-rated tweeters and midrange drivers with meticulously rebuilt vintage woofers. The bright white AQP-coated cones, custom-fit to the existing frames, give a classy look that provides a dash of retro stylishness. With outstanding linear phase response and hyper-real sensitivity, these speakers embody the PBN brand: Painstakingly researched and tested, creatively integrated, and stunningly housed in a custom-built chassis.

The Studio Reference speakers live up to every expectation…with vivid, lifelike, nimble, delicious sound.