Super League Innerchoic


The Super League pushes the envelope to new levels in its third generation

The amazing success of PBN’s Innerchoic© series has led, quite naturally, to this third generation of our celebrated Super League series – and the most advanced of the Montana line. The power, poise and exhilarating sense of perfection achieved by this trio of über-speakers has been elevated to even higher levels of performance – with an inside-out transformation to our Innerchoic “sound chamber” design.

The original challenge, both met and surpassed by the Super League system, was to deliver impeccably refined audio within the unforgiving realities of spacious venues. They should “go big” without losing the dexterity of “going small” – an accomplishment few others attempted, let alone achieved.

And now, with the full integration of PBN’s patented Innerchoic cabinet architecture, the majestic sweep of the sculpted, balanced sound unique to the classic Super League is rendered with even greater purity.

The reconfigured seven-foot Master Reference III (with 18” subwoofers) remains, even more assertively, the flagship of our line. Likewise the WAS III (15” subwoofers) and the KAS III (12” subwoofers), take the prowess of their predecessors to new levels, creating a seamless progression with the original Innerchoic Series. Each speaker in this line boasts the same mid-woofers, mid-range and tweeter array. The KAS III features a 1200W built-in amp; the WAS III and Master Reference III double that with twin 1200W internal amps.

BASS TOWERS: Do you love extra bass? We have designed a series of customizable four-woofer Bass Towers that will fully complement any of the Super League series. (click Here)