Vintage Direct Professional


Where superlatives are simply the truth

How do you describe a vinyl player so advanced, so immaculately engineered that the originals could never be purchased, only leased? When the total production run was limited to little more than 1,650 world-wide? Only a few of the globe’s best radio stations were offered the exclusive contract to play this finely calibrated yet phenomenally durable turntable. Dubbed the DN308, it was created through the unique partnership of Denon and the Nippon Broadcasting Corporation (NHK) – and audio history was made.

PBN Audio has searched out and acquired several of these rare players, and has transformed them from their original commercial console mode into unique works of audio art: The PBN-DN308 (shown above). Key components of the original electronics – most notably the unsurpassed motor – have been refurbished and reconfigured. Details, such as the speed selection switch and power toggle, have been retained. A special LCD display shows the precise rpm, to 1/1000 per revolution, in real time. The start/stop backlit buttons showcase its lightning-quick response. The original model number plate and authenticating documents are provided as well. All Denon parts used in our Vintage Direct Pro models come from the same unit. Each hardwood base is custom-finished to your tastes. This turntable is, we can say unabashedly, without peer.

The PBN-DP80 is a more compact companion to the PBN-DN308. It boasts the same extraordinary prowess and refined electronics. Both models are recalibrated to the original specifications. Each has its own unique history. We invite you to call and add your name to our waiting list.