The WAS III – Incrediblé! The musical clarity has, amazingly, be lifted to even greater heights with the introduction of PBN’s proprietary Innerchoic® design. The WAS-III is now prominently placed in the narrowly defined league of “ultra fidelity.” And within that elite club, it has been heralded by those who know as “The Perfect Speaker.”

Take a moment and hear, in your mind’s ear, the opening passages of your favorite recording. Suddenly you are experiencing a presence and recognizing nuances that were simply not there before. The finest recordings and most cherished performances have new life breathed into them that make your efforts to seek out the best all worthwhile.

The WAS-III. Uncompromised … extraordinary … in a word, breathtaking. If you truly want to experience the passion and artistry your recordings were meant to convey, this may well be the speaker for you. This third-generation wonder features all-new drivers and advanced electronics to support the breakthrough Innerchoic design now shared with all Super League speakers.

PLEASE NOTE: Updated features and specifications for each of the Super League speakers will be posted in the near future. If you have any questions about our products, please click the “contact” page to email us or call directly at 1-619-440-8237 (US).

Technical Features


  • Finish: Custom order (Finishes Charts)
  • Designed for two-channel listening in spacious rooms, each WAS III speaker has two 15” long-throw professional grade subwoofers along with its internal 2×1200-watt DSP based amps – housed in a stunning custom-made cabinet. 23”W x 25”D x 75”H